Anna Gustafson 




Photo by Lisa MacIntosh 


Anna Gustafson is a triple threat. She writes, she performs and her thighs can crack walnuts…..but more importantly – she touches all ages with her humour. Whether she’s talking about love, children in need or her beloved home on the west coat, Anna is genuine, talented and graceful. An artist who I am priveledged to work with.
Tracy Rideout , CBC Radio
Anna connected with our audience instantly, spoke like she had lived our lives, and offered snippets of wisdom that touched us on a level few outsiders are ever able to do. A true artist, she painted a picture with experience, depth, sincerity, and a subtle message to do more, be more and thank the people who are putting it out there as volunteers.
Mo Nordstrom , HAABC
Anna is an articulate and honest speaker that the audience enjoyed. She was accommodating and cooperative to work with and our organizational team appreciated her work to shape her talk to reflect the theme of our event. She used a terrific blend of both humor and honest reflection that we all appreciated and the reviews of Anna’s talk were excellent.
James Gordon , TEDx Powell River




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